2 min readThe Saga Of Sleazy: Part 1

Editors Note: This is a user-supplied article, which we are grateful for.  It contains a glimpse into the real life of a real person and how music has affected them. As such, it contains some content and language that is adult-oriented.

Back in the early 90’s a good friend had this band and he wrote the songs and they were awesome. They worked on those songs for a good year or so, and I was there just hanging out listening to them damn near every time they played. They finally got to where they felt they had it down enough to play live for the people, and they played one gig at a bar beside a small lake and they blew the people away. I’m dancing and singing along and the people in the crowd are asking me “Who the fuck are those guys? Why don’t I know who these guys are? Where can I get their record?” People were just standing there with their mouths hanging open, totally awestruck. It was cool as hell.

Then my buddy the guitar player got busted selling weed, and he turned around and wore a wire and set up the lead singer, who he was getting the weed from. And that was the end of that band. They never played together again, as you can probably imagine.

About a year or so ago, another good friend stopped by one night and brought over three cd’s with music from that band, he would come and watch them with me half the time, as he was good friends with that guitar player too and he knew they were fucking awesome. It was basically me and this other friend that brought the cd’s, and the band and the guitar players girlfriend, that are the only people in the world that know these songs.

So I am going to share a couple of songs with you all from that band. This first one I will share is an instrumental they played, they never had words for it. This was recorded live in the basement on July 30th 1993, so the sound quality isn’t the greatest. It was really just band practice, but I think you can hear what I mean about them.

Check it out, it’s called “Cold Taco”.

Editor Note: The Saga continues. Be sure to tune in next week.

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  1. Music plays such an important place in our lives. Listening to it, playing it, making lyrics a personal memory. If you have a story of how it has affected you, please use the Easy Share tab at the top of this page and let us read it.

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